Monday, April 9, 2012

Making it Monday...

I was requested to make a masculine get-well card to take to work tomorrow for the staff to send someone who used to work in our office.  It looks a little off kilter in the photo, but I think it's because the way I had it standing it was curving a little with the weight of the washer.

The card is really simple, but has a couple of involved elements.  The background is navy cardstock that has a white core...when I put it through the Cuttlebug, it made the white show in the pattern.  I stamped the washer with metal stamps to read 'blessings' and tied it on with brown waxed cord.  (When I was stamping the washer, Carey came in to see what kind of card required hammering.  LOL)

The computer-printed inside sentiment reads,

Someone once said the greatest healing therapy is
friendship and love.

We are sending you lots of both!

It's okay, but it doesn't feel like I was in the groove, if you know what I mean.

On a really happy note, I got a text from my sister-in-law today saying that the missing post card from the project for my mother-in-law finally showed up.  Yea!


  1. THe navy background looks great! I've always like green and navy together!

    So glad that all the cards arrived... in pristine condition I hope! And yes tomorrow will truly be wordless... Not sure if you noticed that the post said it was wednesday April 11 yesterday... and it's still wednesday April 11 today!

  2. I loved the card, it reminded me of a pair of levi jeans,very masculine and I bet it was gratefully received
    x Dawn


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