Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Last week I looked and looked for a pattern for a particular style of hat, but could only find a pattern done on double pointed needles.  I gave them a try...I really did...but as usual I didn't give myself much time to finish the project, and I didn't think I would be able to finish while using a new technique.

That very evening I was checking in on my blog list.  When I popped in to visit Elizabeth , lo and behold she had posted the exact style of hat I was trying for and a link to her pattern knitted on just two needles!  I was flooded with a sense of relief!

I didn't have much time to knit last week, but I have now completed one, and today I took it over to try it on my models.  

A perfect fit on Caitlyn...

...and on Chloe too.

Now that I know that no adjustments are needed, I will be starting the next one.  It should work up even quicker.  I have a week and a half before they leave for their ski vacation.  These will be perfect to keep their heads and ears warm for their snow days.

Diego even requested one done in black and red...without the bow.  :)

Thanks, Elizabeth!


  1. Wish I could knit! These are adorable-the kiddos are pretty cute too!

  2. Wow, Kathleen, the hat turned out beautiful - I love the addition of the bow, and the gorgeous colours you chose.

  3. knitting and crocheting are some of my favorite things and I can't do either. Cute hate for some cute girls!

  4. They both look so pretty in their lovely hats!

  5. That looks really cute... and would be perfect to go with the coat I bought my husbands new grand-daughter... how big is a 12 month olds head? The coat is for next winter since it's a 12 - 18 month ... however I think it looks like it would fit a 3 or 4 year old! It's a white poofy coat (yea I know real practical... but they were 'giving' it away on the sale rack!) with a white bow.

    I can't believe you gave up on the double pointed needles!


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