Monday, September 19, 2011

Making it Monday...

This is Polly the Pirate Witch.  Counted cross-stitch and bead work done on perforated paper.

Well, I'm not exactly making this's already done! Woohoo!  And it's been packed up and mailed and everything...early even.  But I wanted to show it to you all finished.

I made it for my early birthday present. Her birthday is the day before mine...just a week before Halloween. So I wanted to send it early so she could have it out with other decorations.  (And so it wouldn't get lost in the shuffle around here between now and then!)

I don't send gifts...I don't even send cards...I'm just really bad about it--which is WHY I'm doing the 52 letters in 52 weeks challenge this year--but when I saw this kit, it just reminded me of her so much...she's a little bit of a pirate.  :)  I kind of like it without the hat, so I didn't attach it...thought I'd let her decide whether to attach it or not.

Seeing it hanging from the china cabinet knob shows the actual size better.

I loved making it.  The thing I love most about counted cross-stitch is starting with a blank slate and seeing the progress made.  Makes me smile.  There's a pattern that's been packed away for ages that I'm thinking about pulling out now.


  1. She is so scrumptious that it made me teary. Truly, truly fine!

    I haven't named her yet, or decided where she's going to show herself.

    Maybe in a frame... but not under glass, for I want her to be free to step down and dance a jig and tip one with her mates as she will.

    ♥ ☠ ♥ ☠ ♥ ☠ ♥ ☠ ♥ ☠ ♥ ☠ ♥ ☠ ♥

  2. :)

    Love ya, Steph! Glad she's found a happy home.

  3. Hey! I just realized that Monday was the perfect day to post this. Sept 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day!!! Aarggh!


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