Monday, September 12, 2011

Catchin' up Monday...

Well let's see... 

My endeavor to mail 52 letters in 52 weeks continues.

Saturday's snail mail went out today instead.  Had to go to the post office for more stamps, and actually sent this along with something else that required the trip. Not a very good photo, but this was a fun little card to make.  Inspired by some of Patricia Zapata's work over at A Little Hut.  I happened to have floss and beads sitting here from my completed (woohoo!) project.  I'll show that here soon.

52 in 52 accountability stats:  19 weeks / 35 letters

Tonight I made this...

really, really yummy Chocolate Pecan Pie.  This recipe kicked it up a notch from my regular recipe, with the addition of semi-sweet chocolate chips and a healthy shot of bourbon.  This photo isn't the greatest either, but I couldn't wait for the pie to cool completely before cutting and serving.  My Kentucky friend gifted me with a really good bottle of Kentucky bourbon as a house warming gift last Christmas, and though I think she gave it to me just so I'd have some to serve when she visits, I thought baking with it was a worthy use. 

The crazy cat lady, called me this evening and stroked my ego.  I love her.  Kind words coming from someone whose work I admire as much as I do hers, are high praise indeed.

We are back over 100 degrees F again.  Fires are popping up all over.  And I have either had a summer cold, or I am having a reaction to smoke and/or allergens in the air.  It's lovely.

I have my iced coffee ready for the commute tomorrow, and my lunch packed.  Things are ticking along.

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  1. I'm so impressed with your letter writing project! That's a great goal. Love your smiling new profile picture:)


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