Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm Reading Wednesday...

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I'm reading my first e book, Lysbeth: A Tale of the Dutch by H. Rider Haggard, on my new Kindle.  The text-to-voice feature is exactly what I'd hoped for.  It is a little robotic sounding, but it doesn't bother me.  It reads to me on the commute, and keeps track of exactly where it left off.  I actually like it better than audio books.  I hate it when the narrator of audio books tries to differentiate between characters by changing their accent or voice tone.  I don't do that in my head when I'm reading, so the text-to-voice is actually reading to me like I read to myself, if that makes sense. 

I also read my new issue of Real Simple today, cover to cover.  This is the only magazine I subscribe to.  I love it a lot.

I have completely dog eared this month's issue...there was so much that I wanted to refer back to.  A recipe.  A cute planter.  An idea for a wedding gift.  A book I want to add to my to-read list. Yet another reason to exercise...specifically that middle-aged adults taking three 40-minute walks a week for a year actually showed a 2% average growth rate in the hippocampus, as opposed to the shrinkage that is typical after reaching the mid 50s...improves memory.

When I dog ear a page, I take the corner of the page all the way down till it points to exactly what I was interested in on the page.  Like the 'Chickpea and Raisin Salad' recipe shown in the third photo.  If I don't do that, sometimes I go back and forget what it was on the page that interested me in the first read through (obviously I need to start a walking regimen to improve MY memory).

I try to recycle them while they are still current.  My favorite way to recycle them is to take them with me to a doctor's office, and browse through it again while I'm waiting for my appointment.  Then when I'm called to see the doctor, I nonchalantly leave the magazine in the waiting room.  I've never exactly asked permission to do this, but could anyone really object?  I know I'd appreciate more current and varied reading material there.


  1. Hi Kath. I've been thinking of getting a Kindle or Nook. You added another reason why I should get one. I also like the idea that you can make the test larger. They're improving them more as time goes by.

    Wishing you a wonderful week,


  2. Funny - I read just the opposite, my head is full of accents and inflections and emphasis. :) ' Drives me batty when books are read in a monotone - I like them read live action, 'cause that's the way it happens in my head!

    I like Real Simple, too, though I don't subscribe to any magazines. That's funny that you point the arrow to the exact thing! Makes me smile. (Never would have occurred to me.)

  3. Oh wait - we get National Geographic!! That's a magazine. :)

  4. I had no clue you joined in what I'm reading Wednesdays!!! That's super!

    The Real Simple magazine is not so simple in my opinion!


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