Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No 'kid'ding...

There I was at the office, minding my own business (pardon the pun). It was turning out to be a real put-on-my-thinking-cap kind of day, and I was all by my lonesome. All at once the door opens, and in walks this group of 4H students with their teacher chaperons and Billy the 'Kid.' Part of a very cute Get-Your-Goat fundraiser. Business people pay to have the goat delivered to a friend (or foe maybe?), and the recipient then has the opportunity to have it delivered (for an additional donation) to someone else. I can't believe no one but me was in the office to see this. And I am SO relieved that they didn't leave Billy alone with me till the boss got back! Actually, if they had threatened to leave him, I would have made a hefty donation to just get him out of the office before he had an accident or ate the plants. :)

Luckily I had my camera with me today...YAY! Now when I tell everybody I saw a little brown goat at the office, they can't ask if maybe it wasn't really a pink elephant.

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  1. Billy looks so cute! & I'm sure he would have eaten your flowers... given half a chance! We used to have a sheep pasture next door in SK and they broke out regularly and ate my flowers! I got quite good at herding sheep!

    I got my dishclothes yesterday! They are lovely almost too nice to use as dishclothes! The red is a gorgeous colour! Thankyou so much!



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