Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello, mojo. Welcome home...

Okay. I feel better now. I can check the 'shelf' off the list.

I've been wanting to put some of these floating books up for ages, but couldn't decide where. After reading in the bathtub awhile back, I knew this would be the perfect spot to rest my current read.

I'm sure you guys have all seen these. But I took pictures of the process prove to a friend that I actually got it done all by myself. Okay, you can't actually tell that I did it myself I guess, but that is my hand in one of the photos below. And who else would let me keep interrupting them to take pictures in progress.

Choose a stack of books that you want to display...a tall enough stack to cover the vertical arm of the bracket against the wall...largest book goes on the bottom.

You will need two 'L' brackets. Hold the bottom book and first bracket up to the wall, and mark the screw holes where you want to put the first bracket. Drill pilot hole for the screws, and use drywall anchors if you're not in a stud. Screw in the first bracket.

There. The hardest part is done.

Now hold up your second bracket to the wall. Rest your bottom book on the two horizontal arms of the brackets, and use a level to adjust the placement of the second bracket. Mark the screw holes, drill pilot holes, and screw that puppy in.

Coolness...almost there.

Now you have a choice. You can open the back cover, resting just the pages on the brackets...

...then use some foam adhesive tape or hot glue to stick the back cover to the pages to make the brackets completely invisible. (Some of the instructions I've seen say to screw through the bottom bracket into the pages of the bottom book before adhering the cover to the pages. This shelf is not in a high traffic area, so I didn't think I needed to worry about it being extra stable.)

If you're like me and don't want to damage the book at all, you can just let the bottom book cover rest on the brackets. It's not visible to anyone but me (and then only when I'm laying in the tub), so I'm going to live with it, at least for now.

Here's a front-on view. Yes, I know it's not centered. I think it's the camera angle. No? Well then I'll just find a bigger book for the bottom and place it a little further to the right on the brackets. It's all good.


  1. This is very cool!! My daughter is an avid reader and won't part with her books. I think I'll line her walls with these! :)

  2. What an adorable idea! I am a book lover, and we have books all over the house. This would be a great way to display some. I love decorating with books. I have a lamp made with real books that is just adorable. Anyway, you did a GREAT job! Don't worry about the books being off center. Hang a tassle or something over the edge to make it look like you meant for it to be a little off center. I would have never noticed!

  3. Clever! Now how did you hang those cool mirrors?! I love your collection--are they all antique mirrors?

  4. Thanks for the nice comments, everyone.

    I'll post a picture of how I hung the mirrors, V.

  5. Hmmmm. That looks like a beautiful orchid. Are they hard to take care of?? I have really wanted one for along time and finally got one for Christmas, but mine died. Please give me your secret. Love always, Your BFFFFFFF

  6. Orchids don't die they commit suicide if they don't like how they're being treated!

    Love your bookshelf... I usually end up reading paper backs in the tub... but I could still give them a shelf!

  7. Lynne, Deep was trying to be funny. She bought that silly orchid for me thinking that it was a real one...when she gave it to me I thought it was real too...even was surprised when it had no scent. It was a little while before I realised that we were both fooled. Actually I lucked out, because it looks nice and requires NO care. LOL

    I usually read paperbacks in the tub too. The shelf came because I needed a place to rest them to keep them dry.


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