Monday, June 28, 2010


I made some brown rice and chicken salad that I have been eating over the weekend. It was pretty good...lovely when I added a side of edamame. I love those little beans. I love their whiskery little pods. I love the way they split open and the beans jump out. Love the texture, and the ease of preparation. I love everything about them.

That's why I decided to Google the nutrition facts...everything I really love always seems to have a drawback. Good source of fiber. Awesome. Good source of protein. Super. Good source of Vitamin K. Crap! Guess I can't binge on these babies. Ah, the joys of food and prescription interaction.

I'm starting a new challenge today...from now to the end of the year. There is money riding on it. There is no going back. Treadmill, here I come!

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