Thursday, June 17, 2010

bits & bobs (and bugs)...

I admit it. I have a bit of an insect fixation in the summertime. But we have so MANY of them!

See if you can see the katydid. This is a young one...still green.

These are noisy creatures! And they are everywhere! When the choir starts singing, it can be really annoying.

Here's one that's toward the end of its life cycle...turning reddish.
Zoom in and check out that smile! Yikes.

Okay, that's the end of the bugs for today. Let's talk about books.

At the moment, I'm reading The Time Traveler's Wife. I am enjoying it, but I don't have any problem setting it down. I feel so indifferent toward reading lately. I feel like I'm reading out of habit rather than enjoyment. Such an unsettling feeling. It used to seem like I was always reading a book that I really loved. Is that my memory playing tricks on me? Is that part of getting older? Is it that I've read so much, it's harder to keep me entertained and keep me looking for that next jewel? Or are there just so many other, computer, work?

Oooh, that reminds me. I heard this week that the BBC was making a mini-series of Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth. I'm so excited. I've read it four times since it was first published, and loved it every time. We don't get the channel that I think it's supposed to be broadcast on, so I'm hoping I can get it on dvd.

Well, I am exhausted, so I'd better call it a night. It's been a rough day. I started it out by turning my ankle and falling flat on my face...foot hurts, back hurts, wrist hurts. Nothing is swollen, and everything is still in working condition, but I'm worn out from the effort of getting through the day in pain. I'm on my own at work tomorrow, so I need to recoup pronto.


  1. Hope you are feeling better! I can relate to the reading thing- It's not so much that I can't find anything good to read, but I'm Tooooo TIRED to read! I've always read before going to sleep, but I can't stay awake! V.
    P.S. What part of TX do you live in?

  2. V--
    You're right, I fall asleep too! :) Plus I used to spend a LOT of time reading while waiting for kids in the car (picking up from school, during sports practices, etc). I don't have that reading time any more.

    PS: We live roughly halfway between San Antonio and Austin.


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