Friday, February 19, 2010

Once a mom, always a mom...

My baby girl is 32-year-old baby girl. I hate that she is feeling so bad with fever and coughing, coughing, coughing. But I love that she still needs her mom when she doesn't feel good. I took them a meal, and went to the pharmacy for her, and I soaked in the love from both the adults and the little ones. I hope that the antibiotic kicks in quickly.

It reminded me of a couple of years ago when my phone rang, and a little-boy voice said, "Grandma, Mama's sick and needs you to come over." I panicked thinking that she was unconscious or something for him to call, so I asked him if she was able to talk on the phone. He says yes, and takes the phone to her, and I pretty rapidly figure out that she's sick, but not THAT sick. She hadn't even known he called. We had a good laugh when we figure out that he took her literally when she was lying on the couch and moaned, "Oh, I don't feel good. I need my Mama."

Home~~I cleaned all the trash out of my car
Health~~I asked a lot of questions at my follow-up dr appt
Finances~~checked online to verify a payment had been credited


  1. LOL, that's so cute about your grandson taking his mom seriously. Quite a loving, nurturing family you have -- all the way down to the little ones.

  2. Yes you are right no matter how ole our kids get we are still their mom.
    Hope your daughter is feeling better.

  3. Yes, the "mama job" never ends--not sure I want it to, but wish I had the energy to do more. You've got a smart little grandson!

  4. WHen I saw the top part of the picture in my dashboard, I thought it was you. :)
    Loves and get betters to Kasey.

  5. oooh what a lovely post! And a funny story :0)

  6. Hi Renee'! Thanks for your sweet words.

    Hello Beadwright! She is feeling better. The extra travel and time spent with them delayed my getting your OWOH package mailed. It will be in Monday's mail for sure!

    Howdy Cowgirl. :) I know just what you mean about energy level. I definitely conked out after.

    Steph sweetie...thanks for pointing out the resemblance...I don't hear that as I used to. :)

    Hi there FT! Glad to see you. Thanks for your sweet comments.

  7. This picture of her brought back good memories of my childhood. I thought it was you. I have very fond memories of you from our family vacations to Texas.
    It's so sweet that she is raising her kids with the same compassion with which she was raised. Now that's a trait worth passing on. Please tell her that she will be in our prayers. xoxox


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