Saturday, November 21, 2009


Diego's team lost the championship game today, but it was a good game just the same.
And it was football weather...chilly and damp, but thankfully no rain while we were sitting in the stands.

It was a nice drive to the game and back with Carey. A sweet time spent with family. And once back home a day that was so relaxing that I took a nap.

For these things, I am deeply thankful.


  1. Okay, here's my dark confession: Remember when I talked in an earlier comment about going to my son's games? Well at some tournaments, especially in really bad weather (in soccer you play pretty much regardless) I have actually hoped for a loss!! But, it was alwasy mixed because I wanted my son to win, too...C

  2. Oh, C! I have been to my share of soccer games too--both league and school. And you can be either achingly cold or sweltering hot at those. And those soccer parks tend to have the parking about a mile from the field being played on! LOL


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