Monday, September 14, 2009

Nuthin' to say...

I have had nothing of interest to write about. I have not left the house since Friday. No grand adventures. No interesting people to interact with. No entertaining stories.

Just hibernating.

I've been knitting. And reading. Enjoying the sound of rain hitting the windows. I even got out the sewing machine and started a project which I hope to show when it's done.

And now, since there's nothing on tv, I think I'll go back to my book.


  1. I love your wit. So clever!!!
    Also, I noticed that you read NieNie. What an amazing story, huh? So inspiring.

  2. Sometimes, some quiet time is just what the soul needs, isn't it? It sounds lovely x

  3. Sometimes at times like that I like to get out my camera.
    Others, I lead my babes along on some Grand Adventures. :)

  4. Sounds wonderful to me. It's raining here too--wish I could stay home a few days and hibernate!V.

  5. I agree with Caroline.The soul needs quiet times to continue on through life.Have a great rest of the week.By the way what is Nie Nie?

  6. Thanks, everybody, for your comments. It has been a nice quiet hibernation.

    And I answered Becky's question via e-mail.



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