Thursday, January 7, 2016

Seven random thoughts on the 7th...

1.  I have been in a crappy mood today.  Ask anybody (e.g., Carey).

2.  I made stir-fried rice for dinner tonight.  It wasn't as good as usual, but it had more vegetables, so it was probably better for us.

3.  I have still not learned the channel numbers for the new cable system, nor have I mastered using the new remote.

4.  I still have not done anything about the printer not working.

5.  I did not leave the house today.

6.  I should probably leave it tomorrow for my own sanity, if not everyone else's (e.g., Carey).

7.  Maybe tomorrow I will go buy a powerball lottery ticket.  It's up to $700 million.  If I won, I would buy the vacant lot next door, and build a house on it so people (e.g., Carey) would not have to be around me when I am cranky.  


  1. You crack me up! Definitely buy a powerball... With $700 million, you could build a pretty nice house next door! And you'll be able to get a new printer, and order in Fried Rice! Oh yes, and you could hire someone to train you on the new remote... Life is good! Thanks for the chuckle...

  2. laughing here too funny we even looked up how much we could win if we took a lump sum or annual payments. Need to buy a ticket first.

    1. Same here…we never buy, so kind of hard to win. :)


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