Sunday, January 3, 2016

Oh, deer...

I took this photo through my living room window just this morning (so please excuse the lack of quality).  The spotted axis is a new visitor, so I thought I would text Carey.  This was only some of the herd that were brunching on our winter lawn.  I really don't like them much, but we did move into their habitat, so it is an uneasy peace that we share.

We drive pretty slowly through the and night...but this evening I was rushing home to watch the season opener of Downton Abbey.  By rushing, I mean I was driving approximately 25 miles per hour, when what to my wondering eyes did appear, but six glowing eyes of three pesky deer.  They ran right out in front of me, and I struck two of them.  They promptly got up, and continued on their way.  Hardy buggers.

There doesn't seem to be any visual damage to my car either.

These are the first ones I have hit since living here.  I did, however, have one hit me once.  It ran smack dab into the rear fender of the car.

Stupid deer.

(If deer could blog, they would end their post with, "Stupid humans."  I'm okay with that.)


  1. personally I would love to see some deer here.....but not at the expense of our garden or orchard! bad enough that the cows reach over to eat the fruit and leaves! Amazing that none were hurt by your car as they seem to have such delicate legs....and even better that no damage was done to you or the car spoiler alerts for Downton Abbey btw!...we won't get it here for a little while yet :(

    1. I don't bother planting anything, as they practically come up on the porch. I would not be surprised to see one watching me through the window. :)

  2. oh I love wildlife but love my flowers more

  3. oh I love wildlife but love my flowers more


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