Friday, July 31, 2015

Another birthday, another cake: Part BEE...

Several months ago, Chloe showed me the cover of Family Circle magazine's April issue.  It depicted using M&Ms and pretzels to decorate a cake and cupcakes with flowers and butterflies, and she wanted her birthday cake like it.  (The child is a forward thinker, her birthday is August 1.)

Then earlier this week, she sprang on me that she wanted a cake with a bee and flowers... real flowers.  

I aim to please, so I did both.  Of course, I took the box-cake-and-prepared-icing shortcut.

After frosting the entire cake with green icing, I sketched the bee into the icing with a toothpick.  Then I piped melted chocolate chips over the sketch lines.  I placed a little white frosting into a bowl, and heated in the microwave for about 15 seconds and stirred well.  It made it liquid enough to be carefully spooned into the piped areas and fill the wings in...using another toothpick to coax it into small spaces.

Then I colored the rest of the bowl of white icing yellow, and filled in the body of the bee.  After giving it a little time to set up, I piped on the stripes out of melted chocolate chips.

Piped inscription, "Happy Bee-day, Chloe."

I wasn't sure if the flowers were in any way toxic, so I covered one edge of the cake with plastic wrap.  I cut the stem off of several daisies, and laid them on the plastic wrap, using a little icing piped to their backs for 'glue.'

Done and delivered!

Another satisfied customer.  :)


  1. Super special cake made with love. Happy Birthday to Chloe.

    1. My daughter had nine little, squealing girls under her roof last night. I love my grandchildren, but I was so happy to drop off the cake and exit the cacophony! :)

  2. I love it, its so cute! Clever thinking with the cling wrap as I thought the gerberas might be toxic too - we think alike! Chloe would have been very pleased with her grandma! :)
    - Joolz xx

    1. Thanks, Joolz. I found a site that said they were safe, but you never know about pesticides. Found another site that said we get more pesticides from our fruits and veg, however. Still just couldn't bring myself to lay them right on the cake without a safety barrier of some sort. :)

  3. So cute...and obviously made with lots of love. She looks more than happy with the results!


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