Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Yawning again tonight.  I was going to write a post about about a nifty video I found about yawning.  Apparently it's not necessarily about getting more oxygen.

Basically it says that "yawning has developed as a way of physiologically cooling your brain."  And "exhaustion and sleep deprivation are known to increase overall brain temperature."

But I don't really feel like writing anything.  I think I'm just going to fill my ice bag, put it on my head, and go to bed.  Tomorrow's another workday.


  1. Those ice bags have always been a curiosity to me as we do not have them in Australia. We do not tend to lie down with ice on our noggins! Haha!

  2. Hi, Joolz! I just bought that a few months ago. Never had one before. We always use men's cotton socks filled with rice and tied at the end. I keep them in the freezer so we can use them as a cold pack when needed, or we can pop them in the microwave if we need a hot pack. Versatile and cheap! :)

  3. Bless you... hope you got a good night's sleep...
    Thanks for your Bliss List comment - your son has good taste :)
    When I was growing up, Liverpool won everything - they were THE team to beat. Sadly, it's been a fair few years since that was the case...
    Every season, though, starts full of hope... :)
    Have a great Friday x


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