Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Seven random thoughts on the 7th...err 8th...

photo credit: Guerilla Knitting in Germany Colorful Tree © dpa / picture alliance

1.  I came across this photo in a file while I was looking for one to include in this post.  Not sure when I found and saved it, but I love it.  And it perfectly represents the gorgeous cool temperatures, budding trees, and blue skies we are enjoying.

2.  I have been home all of four days, and find myself scheduled to work for the next five work days in my new on-call two different locations.  Oof.  I haven't even finished unpacking the car!

3.  I'm enjoying being back in my own kitchen.  Yesterday I threw together a quiche with ingredients on hand.  Last night I made a menu plan, and today I went to the grocery.  Tonight's dinner has been cooked and cleaned up, and tomorrow's dinner is ready to take out of the fridge and pop into the crock pot in the morning before leaving for work.

4. Short workout on the Pilates machine this morning.  It's a start.  Yea, me!

5. Happily I have made it through the past few weeks without getting a ticket for having only one working headlight.  Also happily my handy hubby has already fixed it since I've been home.  (I tried to get it repaired before starting home, but they told me at the shop they couldn't get to it because it would require removing the front grille.)  (Carey did not have to remove the grille.)

6. Now that I am back home with satellite TV service (after three months without TV), I am discovering that I didn't miss a thing.

7. Back to work in the morning, means back to an early bedtime tonight.  G'night!

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