Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Rushing off to have a sleep study done.  Nothing more restful than knowing someone is watching and/or monitoring you while you are semi-conscious.

I wanted to answer some comments before I went, but didn't get away from work as early as I had hoped, and I have to pack pajamas, and clothes/makeup for work tomorrow.

So I'll just run, now and answer later.  G'night!


  1. Don't let the bed bugs bite!

  2. I had the sleep study done twice. It is a huge money maker and if you have good insurance then you will need the cpap etc. Lots of expense involved. I was clostraphobic and could not sleep with the contraption on. Eventually with an oxygen thing on my finger over night found that I was getting 97% oxygen and did not need the cpap. My insurance that I pay for on my own now is outrageous because once diagnosed with the need for a cpap insurance believes you will need one forever.
    I hope you get along better than I did.

  3. I survived the study. Hooray!

    Joolz, my ankle started itching once I got into the bed at the clinic, and bed bugs were my first thought. Eeek.

    Rita, this was my second study. I had one about eight years ago. I tried a cpap back then, but I didn't like it, and since my sleep apnea was only mild at that time, I didn't keep it. Thought it was time I follow up. I agree with everything you said here regarding the costs etc.


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