Sunday, July 21, 2013

Construction has begun...

Two and a half years in, we are FINALLY sucking it up and hiring someone to finish the garage apartment.  This is the before photo from the entrance doorway looking in.  It's a very good size, and has good light from all the windows.

I'll be sharing progress photos soon.  The crew says they will be done in 3 weeks.  The painting and some of the finishing will be completed by 'us' after the paid crew leaves.

Edit 1/3/2015: I had a comment today asking if there was an exterior photo of the apartment, so I am inserting the photo below.  The apartment is the upstairs portion of the garage.



  1. New construction or improvements are always so exciting!

  2. Oh, how I want to hire someone to do all out home projects! A garage apt. will be wonderful - is it for family or like a guest suite?

  3. It is exciting, Michelle, and expensive!

    V, it's for our son for now. We've been talking about it for so long, that it doesn't seem quite real that it should be done in a few weeks!

  4. That looks like an awesome space! Can't wait to "see" it all finished!

    I'll bet J will love it!

  5. Any outer pictures of this apartment?

  6. Hi, Ale Jest. I'll look through photos, and if I have any, I'll post. Basically it's our garage...upstairs.


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