Friday, June 21, 2013

File this one under 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO'...

Yep, I went to Hobby Lobby today, and...

 autumn decorations.

But wait...there's more.

Christmas is making its early appearance too.  More than six months to go!

I understand that it's a hobby store, so people making gifts by hand need to get an early start (though these are decorations, not gift-making supplies).  I even get the whole 'major holiday retail marketing calendar' thing. 

I just don't like it.


  1. I was just in Hobby Lobby recently and saw the autumn decorations --completely turned me OFF - I even said to myself "I hate this--it's way too early!" I would NEVER buy autumn decorations during the summer!

  2. I love Christmas and everything about it but I agree the stores do start way too early, we dont't get a chance to enjoy the Summer season long enough before we are bombarded with Autum and Winter items on sale , Dawn x


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