Friday, August 31, 2012

Creative pursuits...

Today was the last workday for my retiring coworker.  Though we had her party last weekend, she was still scheduled to work this week.  I wasn't scheduled to work today, but no one else was in the office (one was off or and one out sick), and I couldn't stand the thought of her locking the door at closing time and walking away with no fanfare whatsoever.  So I made her another card.  She loves butterflies, and I had this brooch that is really pretty, but that has never been out of my jewelry box.  I put it on the card front carefully, so that it could be removed later if she wants to wear it or something.  I also went armed with cupcakes, and tossed a handful of confetti in the air.  :)
And this is a birthday card that I made recently.  Now that I know it has been received, I can show it here.  :)  I was really pleased with how this one turned out, and it got some good reviews.


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  1. Your cards are both beautiful. I'm sure she loved the butterfly broach/card. It is very pretty. Have a great weekend!


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