Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday snail mail...

My endeavor to mail 52 letters in 52 weeks continues.

I took the photo of a yucca plant in glorious bloom several years ago.  This week I got around to making a card using it.  I edited the photo to look somewhat watercolored.  I then printed it on watercolor paper and layered onto card.  I made three cards using this print varying the background layers on each.  Letters were written in them, and they were mailed over the past few days.

 Yesterday, while cleaning out a drawer,  I came across some info that I printed several years ago to share with my sisters.  Normally it would be deemed outdated and tossed and quickly moved beyond, but it turns out that this was still important to share.  So I wrote a letter to each and dropped them in the mail as well.

I have gone back over my purse calendar for this year where I write down who I have mailed letters to.  And with this week's epic penning, I am very close to being back on schedule for the year.  Yea!

Accountability stats: 21 weeks / 18 letters

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