Monday, November 21, 2011

Making this Monday...

I saw a folded star posted on Pinterest the other day, and I loved the classical simplicity of it.  And it was made using a cereal box!  So today I made a few in preparation of Christmas decorating.  I haven't quite decided how I'm going to finish them (paint?  cover with fabric?) or even how/where I will be using them.   But I LOVE them.  And they're so easy!

Here's a different angle...had to put a white sheet of cardboard behind it for better visibility...that regular cardboard color is really close to my wall color.  :)

The original Pinterest link I saw didn't have a pattern, so I googled 'star pattern' and picked a shape I liked of the images that came up in the search results.  I enlarged it on my printer/copier to the size I wanted.  It's actually a little larger than would fit on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, so I printed it on two sheets of cardstock, cut them out, and laid one over the other and taped it in place to get a complete star.

Trace the pattern on a piece of cardboard and cut out.  (I drew in the score/fold lines in the photo of my pattern above to make my directions a little easier to understand...hopefully...but you don't need to mark them on stars you're making at all.)  Score from each outer point to the inside angle opposite it.  Then fold on the scored lines...'mountain' folds on the points (solid lines on the pattern above), and 'valley' folds on the inside angles (dotted lines on the pattern above).

It didn't quite fit on the front or back side of a cereal box, so I opened the box up and let the points hang over the creases of the box a little.  It didn't affect the stability of the star at all.  And if I cover it in burlap like this gorgeous star also found on Pinterest, no one will ever even know.  :)

If you go visit Pinterest, is addictive.  Creativity overload! 


  1. We love those!!

    We actally have a folded star pattern in our Art and Crafts tutorials... the folding pattern is here, if you're curious.

    (Hope the link is alright with you, not trying to plug, just wanted to show you how 'tis done.)

  2. Cool method, Steph. I'll have to try that one too.


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