Friday, April 15, 2011

Uncle Sam wants you...

image from pay your taxes!

Today is April day.  It always brings my mom to mind.  She was a numbers genius, a career large-scale money manager, read tax codes for fun, and helped lots of people with what she learned. Yet she would always be in line at the post office at midnight, coming in under the wire with her own.  I guess I know where I came by my procrastination if I didn't before.

Luckily I married a non-procrastinator, and he takes care of getting all the tax records together and to the CPA.  Thanks, honey.  And thanks to all those wonderful CPAs and tax preparers...hope they all are able to get a long, deep, refreshing night's sleep tonight.

It never feels good to make out that check.  Wish I believed that what is so painful for us would make even the teeniest tiniest dent on decreasing the nation's deficit.


  1. it is so disheartening to hear that your tax dollars are frittered away so thoughtlessly, at least that is how it seems here in scandals, politicans expense accounts etc.

  2. Boy, you can say that again, Niki.

  3. I'm one of those people who does their return early. Guess I just want to get it over with. Thanks for visiting me. As for the bottle trees... my grown kids make fun of me, they tell me it looks like "trailer trash decor", but I don't care, I love them. I told my kids they had better be quiet or I'll put out a pair of plastic pink flamingos!!!!


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