Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Don't fear the beeper...

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Strange day.  I turned off the alarm and fell back to sleep.  I woke up about an hour later from a very vivid dream.  In it I was introduced to a couple of bands.  The first was Blue Oyster Cult.  I don't remember who the second band was, but they were really impressed that I had actually met Blue Oyster Cult.

The extra sleep put me on the road a 'little' late.  I almost always listen to NPR on the drive, but this morning I put on a mix station, and I got to hear about five of the 'Nine at 9:00' which was featuring songs from 1976 this morning.  First song?  Don't Fear the Reaper by...yep...Blue Oyster Cult.

Once at the office I set to work on an issue for a client while catching the phones for co-worker who was busy with a real brain twister.  At one point my phone lights up, and starts ringing...only not via normal ring, but over the speaker.  I pushed the button that had lit up, and thinking that the boss was intercomming me somehow (our official intercom is IM on the computer, we never use the phone for that) I just said, 'yes?'.  A strange voice responds questioningly, 'hello?.'   So I try to recover and say, 'John Doe office.'  The voice on the speaker says, 'yes?'  I asked the voice, 'Did you need to speak to John?'  And the voice says, 'Did he call me?'  Weird.  I tell her that our phone rang, and she replied that her phone had rung too.  Ready for this?  It was the client I was working on.  I had NOT called her.  NOBODY had called her.

It was sort of like if my brain focused on something this morning, the electronics nearest at hand connected us.

Okay, that may be a stretch, but I still can't figure out what happened with that freaky phone call.

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