Friday, May 7, 2010

Seven random thoughts on the 7th...

1. I wish I had put the lens through the fence before I took this photo.

2. My bookcases need to be thoroughly gone through and the contents whittled down. I can hardly stand to think of getting rid of books. I did see a fun idea for a book exchange somewhere that I want to try though. It's along the lines of a cookie exchange, only you invite friends to bring their already-read books to a get together. Put all the books out on tables, and let everybody browse. They get to take home as many books as they bring if they choose. Hostess provides snacks and drinks...and maybe decorated sacks to take their books home in...and bookmarks? Doesn't that sound like fun? Hmmm...I think it IS time to go through the bookcases.

3. Seven things I want to accomplish this month...frame the pastel drawing Bobby gave me yesterday...get some great beach photos taken...refresh the house by trading out some tired decorations with some that have been packed away for awhile...change all the linens from cool to warm weather ones...finish the book I'm been slowly working more frequently...and do some form of exercise four times a week.

4. The DVR has spoiled me. I love how easy it is to record a program and even a whole series! And I love being able to rewind a live broadcast to catch a missed word. Now I find myself in the car listening to a program on NPR and reaching up to push a button to rewind and re-listen...only to realize that I don't have DVR on the car radio. But within the last week or so I've been seeing commercials for a car that DOES have the same kind of thing for its radio. Of course I'm not going to buy a car for a gadget, I'm not even going to buy a gadget to add to the car I have, but it's cool to know it's out there.

5. We're practically halfway to Christmas again! Time to get an early start on handmade gifts.

6. I sent a note to a stranger this week. They have a pretty garden that I enjoy driving by every day, and I wanted them to know that their work is appreciated. So I wrote down their address, and mailed a card to them. I hope they accept it in the spirit it was sent, and don't fear that they are being stalked or something. :)

7. I'm in the mood to bake a peach cobbler...and have it with vanilla ice cream on the side. Yum! Does anyone have a good peach cobbler recipe?


  1. Number 2 sounds like a great idea. Number 4 - couldn't agree more. Number 6 - what a lovely thought, I would love to receive something like that (but it won't ever be for my gardening skills).

  2. I just don't get rid of books. It is a sickness, and it has taken over my house. Maybe I need therapy....maybe turning getting rid of them into a social event would make me step up to this plate...what a great idea!

    Actually, I ADORE making bookmarks. I love using quotes from my favorites. I used to do them each month for my book club--back when we were actually reading. About the time my husband left, several other lives in that club fell apart, so we just quit reading and moved to Margaritas and commiseration at our meetings! C

  3. I think telling those people that they have a nice garden is a wonderful idea. They will get a real kick out of it.

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. Um I forgot to say when I read this that I LOVE the note to the stranger. Oh my, you are so sweet, like a yummy candy :)


    peach cobbler. Um, can you please send me some this way? I enjoy it with homemade chocolate ice-cream if that isn't too much to ask. I promise to say thank you very much at least 100x, maybe even 101x.


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