Thursday, May 6, 2010

On a lighter note...

There's nothing like a three year old for keeping it real. This one seems to prefer that I not keep it quite so real.

We went over to see the kiddoes tonight. We had been there a few minutes when Chloe stops mid sentence, and looks at me like she's never seen me before and says, "Can you buy some new hair like Mama?"

Okay then.

I've spent the last four or five months growing and cutting all the artificial color out of my hair, and trying to decide if I want to keep it natural or put color back in. I'm thinking it's time I bought some new hair...or at least enhance the old. :)

Color it is!


  1. So funny! I remember when my three year old told his Aunt Kim, "I love your hair...I like the way the bottom part is so light and the top part is so dark!" (those would be the roots...) Aunt Kim got herself to the beauty shop pronto! C

  2. Oh, C, I am LOL It's do say the darndest things. SO funny!

  3. "buy some new hair like Mama." that's hilarious!! :)

  4. So I am wondering what color you are thinking of????
    Darling pic of that precious honest angel.


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