Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ten favorite freebies...

Lentil Soup ( recipe here )
photo doesn't have much to do with this post except as it relates to #1 and #2.

Notes From the Frugal Trenches recently listed ten things she loved to do for free. I thought it was an awesome idea to contemplate, and maybe I'd write about it sometime. Then What's Happening at My House posted on the same topic, and it was too much...I had to copy participate.

So here's my list:

1. Playing with my digital camera!...and then using the pictures to illustrate...

2. ...this here blog...and this one too!

3. Visit the public library, and then...

4., read, read!

(Ahem...not really free if you are habitually overdue, however.)

5. Checking out One Pretty Thing daily for inspiration.

6. Digging through my stash of craft supplies and realizing that I can create something without buying a thing.

7. Playing Yahtzee! (oh how I hope Kelley is still checking in here, she will love that answer.)

8. Taking a shower, putting on jammies, and climbing between clean linens on the bed.

9. Rearranging a cupboard or drawer or shelf.

10. Completing USA Today's daily sudoku.

I didn't list any tv shows, since we pay for satellite it's not technically free, but I do have it on an awful lot for it not to be considered one of my favorite things.

By the same token, I guess showering and having clean jammies and linens isn't technically free either. Oh, and I have to pay for Internet connection, so nix the blogging and playing sudoku! Oh dear. I'm just sticking to my list, because this is making me a little crazy, and therapy isn't free either.


  1. Great list, Kath. Going to pop over and have a look at your new food blog, now.

  2. 10 steps foward....20 back.
    jus sayin...!

  3. So glad you did this! What a fab list!!!

  4. I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your idea (that you cleverly gleaned from others). This post really made me stop and think in a good way.

  5. Kelley is still checking in, once in awhile anyway. No therapy isn't free, but I'm sure Dr, Suess books aren't totally out of the budget. Love ya


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