Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I have my hands full, at the moment with dogs. Three BIG ones.

Here is a silly picture I snapped the other day of two of them snoozing in the sunshine...looks like an dog with eight legs.

Here's the other one...poor baby...he misses his do I.

I found a sweet video over at Stick Horse Cowgirls today, and I loved it so much, I wanted to put a link to it here too. It reminds me that I am blessed.

Click HERE and and then play the video. Enjoy!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the video...and I enjoyed your dog pictures!! C

  2. I sent Jared to see Spike today. I am missing Bailey and I can't find you--where are you? I am enjoying the wireless router that David bought for my parents. It was a gift that was a little self-serving.

    I am dying to see your short hair! Hopefully, it is longer than Spike's?

    Your family is so lovely--as is the Texas hill country behind them...


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