Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is this the face of typhus?...

Well, that is one of the possibilities...sure seem to have all the symptoms. I didn't even know people still got that.

I seem to be back among the land of the living today. I had my moments of doubt. I think my doctor may have too. She said I seem to have a thing for cheating death. Not quite true. I would prefer not to play with death at all...but if I have to play, I'm damn well gonna cheat as much as possible.

I haven't even been able to think about powering up the computer lately, but having the laptop as I recline today is a blessing. Do I catch up on other blogs because I feel better? Or do I feel better because I've been catching up on others' blogs? Not absolutely certain, but this sure didn't hurt. :)

Okay, it is definitely time to call it a day.


  1. Oh saddens me to see you so down and out. Hopefully the flu or typhus is not contagious. I know your spirit remains positive and that you will heal in a speedy manner. Just know that you are love & I pray for you always.

  2. Oh, dear! What a sad picture. Hope you are back in the saddle soon. C

  3. Oh my goodness I'm so sorry! I hope you are feeling much improved. I'll pray for you!
    p.s. my Dr says the same thing about me :0)

  4. Hope you regain your strength back soon and feel better! V.

  5. Oh my word typhus? How in the would would you have caught that...I'm so sorry. I hope and pray you are on the road to recovery. Please rest as much as possible. I believe you have little ones right? Take care of yourself...we'll all be here waiting to talk to you when you are better, Madi and Mom

  6. Thanks, everyone, for your kind wishes.

    Oh, and Madi & Mom, I don't have little ones at home unless I steal my daughter's. Those are my grandchildren you see here from time to time.


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