Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm so tired...

Tired of coughing. It seems to have gotten worse again. I haven't left the house since last Monday's trip to doctor and pharmacy. Partly because I don't want to pass this virus on to anyone else, and partly because I don't want to pick up anything else while my resistance may be down.

And tired from coughing. I have woken up with such terrible coughing during the last few nights, that I actually thought I might pull a muscle or burst a blood vessel. Then I'm awake for hours, waiting for it to ease up.

That's all. I'll stop whining now.


  1. xoxoxox! I feel for you! I had that last week, it turned to laryngitis and my voice is still horse. I hope you feel better soon.
    Love You!

  2. Well now I really have to quit whining, knowing that when you are sick you still have to take care of everybody else, and my in my empty nest just got to pamper myself. lol

    I actually did feel better today, and haven't (knock, knock, knock on wood) been coughing very much. Thanks for your good thoughts.

    love you too!


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