Friday, February 27, 2009

Tidy drawers...

It's 10:06 pm, and the urge has come over me to clean out my kitchen utensil drawer. Why? I dunno. But it definitely needs it. As evidenced by the before picture...

I didn't purge much. A set of measuring cups. Four sets of measuring spoons...I kept two...why did I have six sets??? An egg separator...I have never used an egg separator in my life...I either use the egg shell or my hand. A couple of plastic spoons...gross...I hate plastic spoons. And a broken aluminum meat fork...broken because I never used it for meat, but for breaking up ice.

Fifteen or so minutes later...Ta-da!

It's still full, but it's better organized. Rarely used items on the left. Small items in the middle in the small flatware tray. And constantly-used wooden spoons, tongs, and measuring cups on the right. Man, I love those spring-loaded dividers! I've had them for awhile just gathering dust. They work like a charm here.

This chore makes me think of my mom. Her constant New Year's resolution was to clean out one drawer a day. "If I clean out just one drawer every day, by the end of the year, the whole house will be clean," she would always say. If I heard her say it once, I heard it a hundred times...because she renewed her resolution throughout the year. I don't think she ever got past the first was always the junk drawer in the kitchen...the one at the end nearest the hall. She would empty the drawer's contents onto the counter or table, get distracted, and there everything would stay until it finally somehow found its way back into the drawer in a jumble. It is from my mother that I inherited my genetic predisposition toward clutter.

Sometimes I catch myself uttering some plan or other for the nth time, and it makes me laugh, as I think to myself, "Yeah, and I'm going to clean out just one drawer every day." :)


  1. I've been perusing your blog- reading older posts! Great writing style! I'm adding you to my blogroll!

  2. I had no idea that Grandma got you the silverware we've eaten on my whole life. Obviously I call dibbs. :) That makes me appreciate the set you just got Beau and I that much more. I love you Mom. I especially love the appreciation you teach me by the love you have for your memories and history. This entry an example.

  3. Dear Daughter,

    Re: noted. :)

    Love you so very much, Mom


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