Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Virtual visit - nail holes

I'm very hesitant about hanging things on the walls. It seems like such a big commitment. I blame this on Carey, since he laid down the rules about wall decorations early in our housekeeping. The rules are as follows:

  1. No hanging of wall decoration shall be undertaken without the proper tools...a bubble level, a 25-foot tape measure, assorted sizes of nails (and/or screws for large or heavy items), appropriate-sized hammer (and/or screwdriver), a No. 2 pencil, scratch paper for mathematical calculations, and an electric drill held in reserve;

  2. No nail shall be located other than in a wall stud;

  3. No decorative endeavor shall be undertaken during a televised sporting event; and most importantly,

  4. Once there is a nail hole in the sheet rock, there shall be NO shifting of decorative objects.

I have absolutely no patience with rules number one through three, and I get around them by never hanging any object when Carey is within a one-hundred-mile radius.

I do try to honor the spirit of rule number 4, by reigning in my hammer high jinks. Hence my commitment issues.

Occasionally I push the envelope, as witnessed by the picture above. A collection of vintage Bakelite hand mirrors hangs opposite an arrangement of pink transfer-ware can see the reflection of one in the other. With all those nail holes in the sheet rock in such close proximity, undoubtedly the walls will be crumbling into my bathwater at any moment!

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