Saturday, August 9, 2008

A - You're adorable...

B - You're so beautiful.
C - You're a cutie filled with charm.
D - You're a darling.
E - You're exciting.
and F- You're a feather in my arms.
G - You look good to me.
H - You're so heavenly.
I - You're the one I idolize.
J - We're like Jack and Jill.
K - You're so kissable.
L - is the lovelight in your eyes.
M, N, O, P - I could go on all day.
Q, R, S, T - Alphabetically speaking, you're OK.
And U - make my life complete.
V - You're so very sweet.
W, X, Y, Z - It's fun to wander through the alphabet with you to tell you what you mean to me.*

This is the song that I sing to the girls when I rock them. It's the perfect song, because they are all of these things. Oh how happy am I that they let me rock them. Rocking a baby has to be at least as beneficial to one's health as, say, yoga.

We sing lots of songs. Caitlyn (pictured here) has an amazing repertoire. I work hard to think of kid's songs she might not know, and by the time I sing the first line, she's joining in with the rest. Chloe is catching up fast.

Their brothers don't let me hold them much anymore. I hope the girls don't outgrow it for at least another ten or fifteen years.

*This is a fabulous song written by B. Kaye, S. Lippman, and F. Wise in 1948, and it's included on a great CD, "Singing in the Bathtub," by John Lithgow. The CD also features other songs that are fun for kids and adults.

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