Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Kasey just e-mailed me this picture of the girls in their cheerleader uniforms. They're not in an organized group (yet), but with three big brothers playing football, they attend a lot of games and practices, and love to wear uniforms too. Beau's grandmother bought Caitlyn her first uniform for her 2nd birthday. Caitlyn loved it so much, that when she outgrew it, Kasey had to go get her another one, and pass the original down to Chloe.

And they do a lovely job of 'cheering', especially if you use a liberal definition. Caitlyn loves to talk to everybody. Kasey told Carey the other day that after practice, some of the other moms came over to tell her that Caitlyn had come around telling them that she loved her mom. As hearing reports about your kids go, it doesn't get much better than that.

This brings to mind a book that I read a long while back called 'Balcony People' by Joyce Landorf Heatherly (I think). It talks about those people in our lives who are our personal cheerleaders. They lift our spirits, and direct our thoughts and actions in a positive direction. They're always in our corner, on the sidelines, or in the balcony cheering for us. They are gifts from God to walk with us on our path. They increase our joy, they share our sorrow, and they teach us priceless lessons.
We all need somebody in our balcony cheering. We can all be that person for another. And happily encouraging others helps us as well. Go team!

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