Sunday, July 1, 2018


Can you believe we are halfway through the year?!  Which means I am halfway through The One Year Bible; I like to work my way through, cover to cover, every few years or so.

What else are we halfway through on?  Here's a mini review of my 2018 goals.
  • I've worked a lot more than usual this year.  I've already met my annual minimums and completed all required annual training (except for one that the company doesn't have ready yet).
  • So much work means I haven't had the time to do a lot of quilting...or pretty much any.  While at work recently, I met a client who was also a quilter.  She asked what my specialty was...I thought for a minute and said my specialty was letting dust accumulate on my machine and procrastinating.
  • I counted up my 52-letters-in-52-weeks stats recently, and I'm already at 44!
  • I've been doing pretty well at making smoothies for breakfast when I'm home, and occasionally have even managed to take one with me to work.  Not perfect, but progress.
  • I am still a night owl.  I haven't reset my habit on that point, with the exception of the times I have to be up early for work or other appointments.
  • I'm staying on top of finances, and have moved some accounts around that we have been talking about doing forever.
  • I've been keeping up my Weekly Goals & To-Dos.  I love coloring in those little boxes when I finish something.
  • (photo from beginning of last week)
  • I haven't cleared any pieces of furniture out of the house, but I have taken several boxes of small things to Goodwill.
  • The house is a major disaster at the moment, but the floors get Swiffered more often than they used to.
Since my word this year is 'Produce,' I feel pretty successful, as I have been somewhat more productive, and have been consuming more produce (fruits and vegetables).  :)

And that's about it for me.  How are you doing with your plans for the year?


  1. I had to have a laugh about you being a night owl. I am an early bird and this morning a very early bird. I woke up at 4.45am and drinking tea by 5am. It has been so hot here in the 🇬🇧 so difficult to sleep. I promise to write next week once we have had my fathers funeral. We are travelling with Mum up North to Manchester today and the funeral is tomorrow. Life has been on hold for so long I will be glad to get back into a normal rhythm.

    1. Oh, my goodness! Slide any thoughts of writing way, WAY to the back burner. I think you have had enough on your agenda lately. I am SO sorry about your dad…nothing easy about getting through it, and you add surgery on top. You have been in my thoughts so often these days.


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