Sunday, March 18, 2018


This armoire was my 16th birthday present; the armoire plus the rest of a matching bedroom suite to be precise.  Yes, being the last child at home had its advantages, but I vaguely remember that my mother had credit at the furniture store that she needed to use or forfeit, so I lucked out.  Over the years, I've sold the headboard, nightstand, and dresser, but I've always liked the armoire and hesitated to part with it.  

I like the smaller compartments that it has as opposed to a lot of similar pieces.  When we lived in a one-room hunting cabin for eight months (when we moved to the ranch, and before we put a house on it) it went with us.  Carey thought it was a waste of space, but it added a lot more vertical storage than it took up floor space, so was priceless to me during that time.

I planned a wedding while in that cabin, and this piece held so many of the things I was working on: decorations, invitations, lists, receipts.  It was my command center.  I taped all the receipts to the insides of the doors, and then once the wedding was over, I put them all in an envelope.  Today I found that envelope still tucked inside a drawer.  I've never totaled up the receipts.  :)  

The armoire hasn't really been in use for years, so it was kind of like opening a time capsule.  Lately I've been thinking about how to better use this furniture piece by consolidating storage for some like items.  I was just going to fill it as is, but I happened to ask Carey if he felt like painting it before he went back to work, and surprisingly, his response was a definite maybe.  :)  I hope to get it done and filled before I have to start my month of work (only one more week to go!).  I'll show 'after' photos...eventually.

It was oddly coincidental that I decided on yesterday (St. Patrick's Day) to clean it out, as I came across maps and souvenirs from my trip to Ireland.  :)

The armoire wasn't stuffed full of things, thank goodness, but I did fill a box with books, and crafts, etc. to donate, and will drop it off next time I go to the city.


  1. I'd love to hear about your trip if you feel like a walk down memory lane travel post sometime.

    1. Here's a bit about it...

  2. It's such a pretty piece, looking forward to what you do with it.

  3. Let us see it when it gets painted. It is really unique, I can see why you didn't part with it.


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