Monday, January 15, 2018

I'm a smooth(ie) operator...

My number one goal for the year is to have breakfast every day...extra points if it's healthy.  :)  I figured smoothies were something I could manage, and would add more fruits and vegetables to my day.  I've been buying fresh fruit as well as frozen and using fresh vegetables.

I just noticed that my piece of ginger root looks like a little lobster.  :)
I love the Rubbermaid Brilliance containers for keeping the fruit in the freezer.  With the lid as well as the container being clear, I can tell easily what is in each one, and the way the lid is designed they stack easily and don't tumble around every time I open the freezer drawer.  (This opinion is not sponsored, I just really like them.)  I bought these specifically for this purpose, because I didn't want my fruit in the freezer confused with Carey's work meals.  

This one has a banana, a small orange, a few slices of frozen peach, some frozen blueberries, a handful of spinach, and a piece of sliced ginger.  I pour some coconut milk and some Just Black Cherry juice (100% juice good for inflammation from arthritis) over the top as well as a scoop of organic egg white protein powder, and blend.  If it's too thick, I add some ice cubes and/or a little water and blend again.

So far I have been really good at getting this made and consumed first thing every morning, even on the mornings that I've had to be out of the house by 7 a.m. for work.


  1. That sounds a great meal replacement full of goodness. It should give you the energy to hit the road running. I’ve never had a problem eating breakfast but I read somewhere recently that in order to lose weight (which I really need to do) breakfast should be avoided or delayed until later in the day. Not sure I could do that. My small bowl of porridge with sugar substitute and a few blueberries lasts me until lunch. Did you work out the calories for your smoothie? I might give it a go.

    1. Interesting that now they say to skip or delay breakfast! All I've ever heard is that skipping breakfast contributes to weight gain. Crazy how the ideas change.

      I didn't work out calories. Counting calories gives me a headache. LOL

  2. If coffee counts as breakfast then skipping or delaying is not an option.... food on the other hand is miss able! :)


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