Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 word of the year and goals...

Two thousand seventeen was not my most productive year...all that time reading, I guess.

My mother always said, "Have something to show for your time."  She was not a big fan of reading for that reason...very hard to read and knit (or sew or bake or clean) at the same time.

I had already decided not to do another reading challenge this year (not that I won't be reading).  Then I started thinking about what my focus for the year should be, and the word 'produce' popped into my head for many reasons.
  • I feel the need to be more creatively productive.  (see definition verb 1 above)
  • There are jobs needing doing around the house.  (see definition verb 2 above)
  • I need to work on my health.  (see definition noun 1 above)
With my word of the year being 'produce,' here is my goals list for the year:

Attempt to reset sleep patterns -- this means I will strive to be early(er) to bed and early(er) to rise.

Eat breakfast -- that is my main health goal for the year.  I've decided to try a breakfast smoothie as a way of getting more fruits, vegetables, vitamins/nutrients, and fiber into each day.  

Be more productive both in work and creativity -- chores and art covered by the same goal?  Yes!  Produce!

and continue to:

Write it down -- continue with weekly listing goals and to-dos...this is the best way of keeping me on track and making progress  

Finances -- focus on frugality, weekly blog post for accountability (It did keep me thinking about it when I knew I had to blog weekly, so I guess I will keep it up.)

Home -- Swiffer one room daily 

Reduce possessions -- Divest myself of ten large items (furniture, etc)  I can't think of one thing that I managed to get rid of in 2017.  I will list items this year.

Quilting -- complete ten quilts/quilted projects  (keeping this at ten, though I only finished 4 projects last year)

Read the One-Year Bible

52 Letters in 52 Weeks

And with that I will wish you all a very Happy and Healthy (and productive) New Year!


  1. That's a good word! Mine is Strive - for many of the same things on your list.

    1. I like heteronyms...I feel like I get more for my money. :)

      I like your ‘strive’ as well. It’s so much more ambitious than ‘try.’

  2. Wow, if you manage that lot you will be a whole new woman! Great aspirations though so good luck and a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year to you and your family.

    1. All but three of them are last year's...and I had differing amounts of success with them, but want to continue for this year.

      The first three are key this year. If I get more rest and eat breakfast, I figure I will have the energy to be more productive. :) Part of this is having a new sleep study done and a new CPAP machine. I will make an appointment for that soon.


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