Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017, the highlights...

My 2017 year in review!  

✫  RUDY:  Such a good boy!  Could not ask for better.  Still working on things like jumping on visitors and barking at squirrels and deer, but it will come.

✫  HOSTING:  My best friend since childhood came for a brief visit.  Oh!  I hope she had as much fun as I did!

✫  TRAVEL:  We logged 5000+ miles on our fall vacation.  It was lovely.

✫  COOKING:  Still doing a lot of cooking, and packaging individual servings to freeze for Carey to take to work.  I came across a new family favorite with Dublin Coddle, and I even tried my hand at Egg Rolls this year (not that I serve those two things together).

✫  WORK:  I worked 270 hours this year.  Doesn't sound like much, but works out to about a month and a half if I had worked them straight instead of a day here and a day there.  I'm required to work a minimum of 100 hours annually to keep my part-time status, so I did two-and-a-half+ times that.


My 2017 goal was to get ten projects completely finished this year.  I finished up four projects: a throw, a baby quilt, a twin quilt, and a table cover.  Several others are very close, but those will be held over for next year.  

✫  BLOGGING:  I posted 169 blog posts.

✫  READING:  I slightly more than doubled last years reading with 67 books this year, 52 of which were part of the Popsugar 2017 Reading Challenge.  It was definitely challenging with categories that I would not have chosen on my own.  I did really enjoy the challenge, but I need a break, so I'm not committing to a reading challenge for 2018.
My favorite book read this year was...The Old Man by Thomas Perry.  I rated it 10/10.
Others that I rated 10/10:
     The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
     Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf
     The Diary of Mattie Spenser by Sandra Dallas (this was a re-read)

There were also quite a few that I rated 9/10.  And unlike 2016, there were very few clunkers this year.

And that's another year completed.  It was a pretty good one; glad I was here for it.


  1. Great idea to do a highlights post - Happy New Year!

  2. Always fun looking back over the year, amazing the things I've already forgotten

    1. The main reason I blog is to remember things! :)


  3. thanks for sharing your year in review highlights. It's always a pleasure to read your blog.
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!


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