Monday, June 5, 2017

Making it Monday...

Today was quilting day at the library.  Most everyone was working on a mystery quilt.  I did a different mystery quilt a year or so ago, and didn't really want to do one again right now.

I worked on these butterfly blocks for a shared project the group is working on.  Each person is doing whatever block pattern they want as long as they are all the exact same size (12 ½ inches square), and made with scraps from our collection (no buying fabric to make them).  In a few months we will exchange so that everybody has one of each from everybody else, then we will each make a quilt top with all the different squares combined in it, so that each square in the quilt top is a different pattern and from a different person…kind of a keepsake quilt of our time together.  Each quilt will be different since we will each choose how we want to put our own block 'sampler' together.

Everybody else had done their exchange squares (2 of which were due today) at home.  I did the piecing at home, but I hand embroidered the antennae while at the library, because there are just some days I don't feel like packing up and loading and unloading my machine in and out of the car.  :)  When I was done with that I helped my neighbor un-sew a couple of boo-boos.  It was the least I could do, as she was falling behind due to my talking her ear off.

I love the first Monday of the month!


  1. What a great idea to make a keepsake quilt of your time together!

    1. I am so happy about it. I was in another small quilt group many years ago, and I really wish we had done this back then.

  2. Yes, a great idea. I belong to a small group and we have done several group projects where we each make blocks for each other. One very successful one was "birthday blocks." In the month before your birthday, you tell everyone what you want - design, colours, etc. and everyone in the group then makes blocks to your specifications for your birthday. Usually we did 4 or 5 blocks for each person. There were 7 of us in the group, so a great way to "get a quilt quickly."

    1. I love the idea of birthday blocks! Aren't quilting buddies the best?


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