Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Buyer's remorse...

What got into me?  It's not awful.  It's missing a knob, but that is fairly easy to remedy.  Harder to remedy is the size.  It's too big.  I was hoping to use it bedside, but it's out of proportion to the three-drawer chest we use on Carey's side.  Not keeping measurements handy is a rookie mistake.

On the positive side, the drawers slide smoothly, and they don't have that stale smell inside that auction furniture quite often does.

I'll try it...and probably move it around a few times...maybe pull my hair out.  If all else fails, I may pop off the carved trim and paint the darn thing.  

I wish I could at least say it was dirt cheap.


  1. I'd love it! I have a spot for it in my family room. I'll be over to take it off your hands a bit later this arvo! Lol!


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