Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kiss me, I'm Irish!...

I love St. Patrick's Day.  It was always celebrated at our house...because it was my mother's birthday.  :)  I loved finding something shamrock related to gift to her.  Since she collected tea cups, I was ecstatic when I found this Staffordshire cup and delicate.

Happy birthday, Mom.  Today would have been her 99th!

And Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!


  1. What a beautiful cup and saucer!!

  2. Thanks, Linda. It's one of my favorites.

  3. I think St Patrick's Day is quite a big thing in the USA, from all the blog posts I'm seeing about it? What an absolutely lovely cup and saucer, and so nice it makes you think about your mum, Kathleen.

  4. Hi, Caroline. I think it has gotten bigger over the years as merchants found that they could sell tons of green beer...and the more beer that was consumed, the more 'Irish' souvenirs could be peddled. :)


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