Friday, September 19, 2014

Braiding zee hair...

The girlies are on a competitive gymnastics team.  According to Mama, the coaches are very particular about the hair.  It must be French braided in two braids starting at the front, down to the nape, then joined into one braid.  It is later looped up and secured.  It must be heavily sprayed to minimize loose wisps--those could lead to unconscious hands reaching to brush it away from a face costing point deductions.

I am the designated stylist for Caitlyn and Chloe.  If we braid it wet and give it a good spray with an extra-hold spray, it can be done the night before the meet and still be acceptable in the morning.

Last time I braided Caitlyn's hair, she scolded me for going crazy with the hairspray.  Apparently the previous week she woke in the morning with her ear glued to her head!  LOL

We did Caitlyn's hair tonight, and I think I finally got it right.  She wanted to see the back, and approved the photo.  Chloe is at a sleepover tonight, so we will do hers in the morning.  Braiding her short hair goes really quickly, since I don't have to join the two braids into the one down the back.

And if I may go back a generation...
This photo of Kasey is one of my favorites.  She was about four.  When I used to braid her hair and loop up the braids and secure with ribbons, she called them 'baby swings.'  I'm not sure why.  But they have been known as baby swings ever since in our family.  :)  The little blue dress is probably my favorite of the ones I ever made for her.  I loved the pattern...A-line with the round yoke.  I salvaged that fabric from an old garment found at my mom's house...I can't remember whose it was, but I think I remember that it was a gathered skirt in its former life. sweet baby girl.  

I'm glad I still have little girls' hair to braid.

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