Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th...

Independence Day is already here.  The year is half over!  How the time flies.

Last weekend the girls made cards with a patriotic look for their great grandmother, and I got them in the mail on Monday.

I love that they are really progressing with their letter writing skills.  I no longer have to give any suggestions or promptings. Caitlyn reports the facts.

 Chloe's are just a bit more dramatic.  Love, hope, and justice, indeed.  :)  

My mother-in-law loves receiving their letters.  Last month she called me after their Mother's Day cards to her arrived.  She was tickled pink with what they had written.  I have made major daughter-in-law points in the past couple of years with this activity.  :)


  1. Such lovely letters - you'll enjoy looking back at those in years to come.

  2. How sweet, the cards are cute. I think it is so important to write letters and cards,I love getting hand written letters but it is vary rare. x Dawn

  3. Caroline, I just realized that I haven't taken photos of the messages of their previous cards, and thought it would be something we wanted to record. I hope my m-i-l saves them, but I'm not sure. My husband's family are not savers like mine are. :)

    Dawn, I hate that handwritten letter writing is getting to be such a rare thing. It's one reason I wanted to teach the girls how to write letters. They love it when my m-i-l writes back to them, so I hope they always remember how good that feels.


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