Friday, June 7, 2013

Seven random thoughts on the 7th...

Selected segment of original art by D. Eckert

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Caitiebug!

2. We made it to our destination safely.  SO thankful.

3. I'm blogging from my phone.

4. Writing a blog post on phone keypad is a pain.

5. Being with friends is a blessing!

6. I love GREEN! Green trees.  Green grass...except I am really in the land of bluegrass.

7. I'm not a party person...not a mingler...not much for small talk.  But the gathering today was really wonderful. People I care about. People I think about.  Enchanting child who has grown so big since I last saw him...equally enchanting sibling who was born since I last visited. Names who now have faces. Faces who warm my heart. Such a lovely time spent together. Such a great way to remember a friend.

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