Thursday, May 3, 2012

Working hard...hardly working...

I sat down meaning to write a post about work...but I kind of hate to admit how spoiled I am.

I recently went from working three five-hour days to two eight-hour days per week, on kind of a trial basis.  I'm loving it, as it saves me one commute a week (two hours, plus gasoline costs) and gives me another day off. 

I'm pretty sure that I should be working more hours...full time with benefits would be even wiser.  There's even a possibility that I could stay with the same company, but work full time at another branch, maybe even closer to home than I am now.  But I've worked for a few people with this company, and the boss I have now is the best one I've come across so far.  That counts for so much.

And it is really, really wonderful to have weekdays off when my daughter can't be at home to meet the school bus and calls to see if I can be there instead.Photobucket


  1. I have been thinking of doing the same thing as a lead up to retiring (again). I currently work 3 8hour days but am finding it a bit much. I wish I could give it up altogether but I like the routine and the money and the friendship it brings.

  2. I know what you mean, Cath. Working gets me out of bed and keeps the brain working.

  3. I want to go part time--but it's those stupid benefits I'm breaking my back for! I wish I could figure out a way--I am working on it!


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