Monday, December 5, 2011


A week away from blogging and not much to show for it.  Or rather I have some projects to show, but can't until after Christmas, if you get my meaning.  Add to that the fact that we've had some lovely cloudy dreary rainy days, days that do not lend to nice photographs, and there hasn't been a thing to blog about!  I guess the fact that we've been getting rain is in itself something to blog about, as it is so unusual lately.  Perfect weather for curling up with a book and a cup of hot chocolate, but I haven't gotten to do that either.

I came across my spoon collection a few days ago.  I decided it was about time that I got it polished up and back up on the wall.  I'm not really into things like spoon collections, but I inherited this one from a favorite great-aunt.

These are two of my favorites.  The top one says "Zurich" in the bowl of the spoon, and the handle is a stem, leaves, and bloom of an delicate and beautiful.  The other is the shape of a salt cellar spoon, but not quite that small...I think I like it because it's different than the others...and because it's the easiest to polish!

The two spoons below are very dear, and I always hang them right next to each other.  Though you can't see it in this sad excuse of a photo, the top one has an 'R' monogram for Ruth, my great-aunt's name.  The bottom one says 'MED DEPT USA' and is the one that her husband brought home after serving in the Army medical department in Europe during World War I.

Here they are all bright and shiny and hung next to a photo of their first owner.  I have a feeling that if she knew how infrequently I polish them, she might have bequeathed them to someone else.


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  1. I have my mothers spoon collection.. in a box... brought it home with us last May... Actually I have Swiss Edelweiss spoon from Switzerland it may even be from Zurich as we lived there for a year in the late 60's.

    I used to have fun picking out my favorite spoons to go with the coffee service when mom had dinner parties!


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