Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A sweet surprise...

Two of my friends got together and sent me an Edible Arrangement as a belated birthday present.  These are SO good.  You can't really see them very well in the photo, but there are chocolate covered orange sections interspersed throughout the arrangement.  The flowers are pineapple slices with a cantaloupe ball for the cute.

They can forget my birthday every year!  :)

Good thing we've already made a dent in the Thanksgiving leftovers...and a good thing we have adjustable shelving in the refrigerator!  :)


  1. What a yummy arrangement! Fruit and chocolate--what a wonderful combination!
    My son fried a turkey injected with Cajun seasoning--very good, moist, flavorful! I've never brined a turkey before, but maybe next year!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. The edible arrangement looks great... what are the stems? Wire or wood?

  3. how cute is that?!
    Happy belated birthday, my friend!

  4. V...hope all is well at your house...been thinking about you and yours.

    Lynne...the stems are plastic, and the foam base was not the regular floral type foam, but more like the kind that swimming pool noodles are made out of...not sure why, except that maybe it doesn't crumble and get on the fruit?

    Terri...belated birthday wishes to you too!


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