Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bring it...brine it...whatever...

that's a nineteen pound turkey in a five-gallon bucket in my kitchen sink

The feast preparation has begun.  We will be having our holiday dinner tomorrow, a few days before most households.

I wanted to make sure that we had lots of turkey leftovers to go around...we want to keep some, I want to send some home with Kasey, and Carey will be taking some to work.  So I bought two frozen turkeys.  I didn't have room in my refrigerator to thaw both of them, so I asked Kasey if they could put one in their fridge.  Beau asked if he could fry that one...woohoo, less work for me.

But he declares that his will taste better.  I didn't want it to be a competition, but if he wants to make it one, then I'm going to bring an extra effort to the match.  So this year I'm brining the bird.  Hope it turns out as well as people say.  I'm using Alton Browne's recipe.

I took a nap today, so I could stay up late getting everything ready.  I'd better get back to the next thing on the list...vegetables...then pies...then...

This time tomorrow night we'll be going back to the kitchen for another piece of pie!
ps:  My endeavor to mail 52 letters in 52 weeks continues. 
accountability stats:  26 weeks / 50 letters


  1. We've brined ours for several years, now... wouldn't do it any other way! :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!! Love you!

  2. I've never brined a bird, but I've heard it's delicious! You'll have to let us know the results!

  3. I'll be posting the results soon! :)


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